I want promote my region as an innovative hub in the hearth of Europe

Our co-organizer from Brno, Czech Republic: Jiří Marek Why did you apply for SEW? As I love the creative and innovative spirit of my city and I think that this event can help to boost this spirit. I also work for one hi-tech startup and a lot of my friends work in the startup community…

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Europe is a huge family and we should bring back its big potential again to lead global agenda

Our co-organizer from Istanbul: Kaan Akin, Hackquarters Why did you apply for SEW? I am already trying to support entrepreneurs in many places including incubators, government supports even remotely That’s why we created Hackquarters to be the focal point for startups.  I’d love to be a part of SEW and Europe Commission for brining these…

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We need more opportunities and networking between Startups

Our co-organizer from Cosenza, Italy: Anna Laura Orrico, Talent Garden Cosenza Why did you apply for SEW? I applied for SEW because Talent Garden Cosenza is a coworking space and we believe that networking and cooperation is the answer to many people who is searching for creating an enterprise or a startup. Doing networking between…

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I want help people start their own business

Our co-organizer from Buckingham: Nigel Adams and students at University of Buckingham Why did you apply for SEW? To increase the visibility of the University of Buckingham and it’s world-leading undergraduate BSc Business Enterprise (BBE) Venture Creation Programme (See here and here). I also think Buckingham will be the smallest town (Population 13000) and the…

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Europe has to speak its voice at local level

Our co-organizer from Florence, Italy: Natalia Anna Irene Rizzi, Nana Bianca Why did you apply for SEW? We strongly believe that Europe has to speak its voice at local level and vice versa. Thanks to this event, participants will have the chance to know more about local and national initiatives concerning entrepreneurship and innovation, and…

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We need more accelerators and more initiatives like SEW

Our co-organizer from Rijeka, Croatia: Dario Zoric, Business school PAR in Rijeka – Croatia Why did you apply for SEW? I am Head of Entrepreneurship incubator at Business school PAR in Rijeka, Croatia. We are focused on entrepreneurship and startup support, project management, training, promoting startup and innovation culture. Also, I am member of program…

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I want to show all the possibilities we have in Ciudad Real

Our co-organizer from Ciudad Real, Spain: Javier Romero president of Rubeum. Why did you apply for SEW? I thought It could be very interesting to organize the SEW in my city, Ciudad Real. Here, there are people working for entrepreneurs in a local level giving advice or creating activities for them. Sometimes is difficult to come…

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Angela Corbari Ravenna Startup Europe Week

I want offer “all you need to know” kit to Startup

Our co-organizer from Ravenna, Italy: Angela Corbari, Cofounder and COO of STUDIOMAPP Why did you apply for SEW? I like the idea to be actively involved in the entrepreneurship’s spirit we are living these days. Also, as a member of a young startup, I immediately felt that this was a great opportunity for the local…

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I can help Startups discover sources and inspire their change

Our co-organizer from Chania, Greece: Thanos Paraschos, Iprovidenow Ltd/Youth entrepreneurship Club Why did you apply for SEW? My personal enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and innovation from the age of fifteen is continuous and driving my will to participate in initiatives that enhance entrepreneurial action in local regions, spreading information about existing means, course of similar actions,…

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Nina Nikolikj, Startup, Skopje

My goal: help Startups to network, to learn more

Our co-organizer from Skopje, Macedonia: Nina Nikolikj – StartUpSelfie – Brainster Why did you apply for SEW? The idea behind SEW is very noble and I wanted to be part of the organizational team in Skopje. To provide this experience to the local startup community. What is your goal in organizing Startup Europe Week? To…

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