I want a more international Copenhagen

Our co-organizer from Copenhagen: Juraj, Co-Founder at Sure Why did you apply for SEW? People always talk about Silicon Valley in relation to (tech) startups but we have such an exciting and thriving ecosystem in Europe that I wanted to be part of the SEW initiative the minute I heard about its mission. What is…

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Let’s improve our Startup skills to embrace new businesses

Our co-organizer from Bari: Anna Ressa – Export Advisor and Project Manager Why did you apply for SEW? Because I fully support the value of European cooperation in the area of business; furthermore I was curious about the challenge of participating in a initiative as complex and widespread. What is your goal in organizing Startup…

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Womer logo Startup Europe Week

Our goal: help local businesses

Our co-organizer from Namur: Alaric Bouvy, Womer Why did you apply for SEW? To network with local authorities and local business involved in entrepreneurship. What is your goal in organizing Startup Europe Week? Meet a lot of interesting people and help other local entrepreneurs like me to get started with their ideas. What would you…

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