I want get government closer to Startups

Our co-organizer from Albania: Albi Zhulali my organization is Startups.al the largest startup database in Albania.

Why did you apply for SEW?

Being the founder of Startups.al provided me with the largest startup database in Albania. I wanted to reward all this startups by organizing a special event like SEW to get better information from government, success stories and bring investors to train startups founders what they see in a pitch. SEW was the perfect event to help Albanian startups expand beyond Albania.

What is your goal in organizing Startup Europe Week?

My goal is to create an event that gives value to all participants. I’m inviting mayor of Tirana to speak about how municipality of Tirana will help young entrepreneurs, Minister of Innovation to speak about government initiatives on helping and supporting startups. Christian Boas will be one of other speakers in SEW Tirana, he is a German investor based in Berlin and he will teach to startups on how to pitch investors and what they see in a pitch deck. Angela Martini is an Albanian super model with global success, she will talk on how technology helped her on her fashion carrier and what can tech entrepreneur do to make the fashion industry better.

Posted on January 19, 2016 in Behind SEW

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