I would like to help to promote my city and region as an innovative hub in the heart of Europe

Meet our co-organiser from Brno, Czech Republic: Jiří Marek (twitter @JM_microblog)

Why did you apply for SEW?

I participated last year and I think this kind of events/weeks for networking are very useful. I have additional experience as an organizer of Open Access Week and it is always very nice. So basically I think that SEW should be promoted in my city and I think that these kinds of activities can foster our city engagement towards a startup community.

What is your goal in organizing an event for Startup Europe Week?

My goal is the same like last year. I would like to help to promote my city and region as an innovative hub in the heart of Europe, in the Wine Region of South Moravia.

What would you give to your local community?

I want to help with connecting the local startup community to local municipal representatives as the development of the Concept of Smart City is taking place in Brno right now and I think that the startup community plays an important role in the Smart City development.

What do you think your area needs in order to be a startup-friendly zone?

Brno and South Moravia Region are already in my opinion startup friendly zones. The development of the Smart City Concept in our city would definately help to boost the environment even more, together with carrying the startup community further towards solving the problems of our city in completely new way.

What could Startup Europe and the European Commission do more to develop the startup ecosystem?

My opinion regarding this question remains the same like last year. To create Open Standards for the possible interaction and interoperability of some of the key enterprenership tools between cities and regions across Europe. Basically to continue to work on the plan of “Digital Agenda for Europe” and fields like eIDAS Regulation, lowering barriers of international communication (mobile tariffs) etc.

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Posted on January 20, 2017 in Behind SEW

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