Let’s improve our Startup skills to embrace new businesses

Our co-organizer from Bari: Anna Ressa – Export Advisor and Project Manager

Why did you apply for SEW?

Because I fully support the value of European cooperation in the area of business; furthermore I was curious about the challenge of participating in a initiative as complex and widespread.

What is your goal in organizing Startup Europe Week?

To exchange views on content of the event with the local business environment, and to deepen the exchange with fellow SEW co-organizers throughout Europe.

What would you give to your local community?

A different and unusual point of view on the “startup universe”.

What do you think your area need in order to be a Startup friendly zone?

Closer cooperation between medium and large local companies and new generations of entrepreneurs.

What could Startup Europe and European Union do more about developing Startup ecosystem?

To offer potential startupper more opportunities for qualified training in the areas of economics and marketing, in order to make them more aware and prepared to effectively manage a new business.

Posted on January 19, 2016 in Behind SEW

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