Meet #SEW17 Kharkiv co-organiser Iryna!

#SEW17 will see an event in Kharkiv on 12 February, run by local co-organisers that are part of the area’s startup ecosystem. You can find out about the events by clicking here.

Co-organizer Iryna Kutnyak has dedicated herself to the growth of the entrepreneurial scene in this region.

Iryna is a digital marketing and strategic communications expert, working in Kharkiv in startups and also actively contributing to her local scene. Her unique experience of working with government officials in Canada and Ukraine helps her to be ultraactive not only with her own startups but also among the players of city’s startup groups.

Together with partner Kateryna, Ira operates The IT Crowd – a free platform for networking and sharing experiences for professionals from different areas of IT and for novices.

On account of the community, she has held 40 events for startups, mobile applications and software developers, online marketing, photography backdrops design,  HR and recruiters, game developers, testers and senior executives in IT in Kharkov and Dnipro. The platform helps to build your personal community, to find a job or gain experience and to share the life hacks of the best presenters.

“We need somehow to put people at the head – startups are POSSIBLE. Start – this is not a spherical horse in a vacuum, it is a real thing and needs a lot of work to be done.

And if it does not work – you will still have a great result because of your gained experience (!)

In general, mistakes and failures – they’re cool, and without them you can’t go anywhere.”

Another big problem is a lack of startup skills in local officials, who have heard about startups, but do not have real experience to share. This means that the entire startup scene is running according to these groups, rather than because local executives are involved at this level.

The third problem is the mentality of not taking risks and experiments. We are trying to change this with Startup Europe Week and show the successes and failed results of entrepreneurship. This is our way to change the situation.


During Startup Europe Week, IT Crowd will engage not only technological and creative startups but also all types of small and medium businesses, to show them that technologies enable business and in this way, connect business with IT.

This year during SEW, the IT Crowd team are researching the latest technological trends related to bots and are preparing a bot hackathon. The IT Crowd will keep pushing for further successes and to develop the Kharkiv startup scene.

Kharkiv #SEW17 is going to be great!

Posted on January 31, 2017 in Behind SEW

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