My goal: help Startups to network, to learn more

Nina Nikolikj, Startup, Skopje

Our co-organizer from Skopje, Macedonia: Nina Nikolikj – StartUpSelfie – Brainster

Why did you apply for SEW?

The idea behind SEW is very noble and I wanted to be part of the organizational team in Skopje. To provide this experience to the local startup community.

What is your goal in organizing Startup Europe Week?

To promote the entrepreneurial way of life. To help in answering all the questions that are un-clear to startup enthusiasts, to give back to the community. But also, to learn more, to network with local stakeholders and the possibility to create an all-around-startups event in Skopje in the same time where people are ‘celebrating’ the SEW around different European cities.

What would you give to your local community?

Sharing of knowledge and experience. Helping with networking, but also introducing the entrepreneurial way of life to startup enthusiasts. I can help with market positioning, storytelling, brand awareness, promotion and pitching.

What do you think your area need in order to be a Startup friendly zone?

Legal framework, but also more startups that will exit. The community is developing and I would like to see more teams getting put of the powerpoint startup idea stage, to actually doing the work and turning their idea into lean startup.

What could Startup Europe and European Union do more about developing Startup ecosystem?

Maybe with cross-country experience sharing project, but also an event where European startups could meet with European investors and possibilities of funding by EU institutions.

Posted on January 22, 2016 in Behind SEW

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  1. Ivana
    February 3, 2016 at 2:17 pm · Reply

    You are an inspiration Nina!
    Keep up the great work, lots of success coming your way 🙂

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