Official SEW Co-organisers in São Paulo, Brazil: Eduardo and Renato!

Eduardo and Renato have joined forces to hold a SEW event this year in São Paulo, Brazil – bringing the gap between Brazil and Europe.

Eduardo Felipe Matias is the partner in charge of Nogueira, Elias, Laskowski & Matias Advogados (NELM) Corporate & Business area, which comprises an Innovation and Startups practice.

Renato Auriemo is the founder and Co-partner of a Coworking and Innovation Space, Co.W. Coworking Space.


Why did you apply to be a co-organizer for Startup Europe Week?

Brazil is passing a very tough moment. In the last years, lots of companies are shrinking, closing, dismissing employees. At the same time in CO.W.’s spaces and NELM’s clients we can see and talk, daily, with some amazing people, some incredible companies, that are prepared for the new economy, companies that are growing, hiring, with very motivated teams. It seems like two different worlds, but at the same moment and country.

That is what we are most excited about, to be able to know, and in some way help this environment, these hard working people who are believing in a new future, who are creating, innovating, who don’t have boundaries.
We see SEW as a great opportunity to help them get global. It’s a wonderful chance to expose the best practices around the world. Also, SEW is the right place to show these Brazilian players and their work to the world.

For my business, CO.W Space, is a great opportunity to understand how the startup environment is developing around the world and be a partner in order to collaborate and create strong partnerships around the world.

Which city are you organizing events for in Brazil?
São Paulo

Can you tell us, what is your goal in holding an event for Startup Europe Week, in Brazil?

As we said before, SEW is an incredible opportunity for us to help companies, that are building the new economy, understand how they can become global companies, to build bridges through other countries, different cultures. To establish contact with other entrepreneurs around the world, to understand their best practices. Also, is an opportunity to show how the startup ecosystem is developing in Brazil, to show the world the great opportunities they have in doing business here in Brazil.

For our businesses, it is very important to be the local SEW organizer, to strength our goal in being the hub in the case of CO.W. and best law firm in the case of NELM, for all the startups.

Being a co-organizer for SEW will allow us to share our experiences in this field and will also allow our clients and partners to get in touch with this important movement that has the objective of developing the innovation ecosystem worldwide.

What will you give to your local community through Startup Europe Week?

We will give a great opportunity to learn more about the startup environment in Brazil.

We will have some incredible people speaking about very important issues such as: What are the public sector doing to help this new economy grow, the legal issues for the startups in Brazil, we will present what are the trends in working spaces, innovation hubs, accelerators, incubators, all the possibilities and opportunities for you to create your startup.

We will also present the Corporate Venture side, how they are developing, and what they are looking for, and finally the opportunities for Startups with social Impact, which is a growing trend in Brazil. Its going to be a great chance to learn about all the startups ecosystem from different angles.

Also, we will present SEW to them, we will show them that SEW is a great chance to learn how the world is developing, who are the players and give them a path to get global.
What are the fastest growing sectors for startups in your local area?

FinTechs, Aggrotechs and Healthtechs.

There are lots of new investments from banks and financial companies in startups in Brazil. The largest banks from Brazil already have or are creating innovation Hubs. São Paulo is the leader in startups but other states as Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Pernambuco are also growing fast. With Santa Catarina a few steps ahead. Other sector that deserves attention is that of legaltechs, in which we can verify a rapid growth.

How do you think Brazil and Europe can work together to foster entrepreneurship? What are your dreams for the future?

NELM and COW’s dream is to foster innovation and establish strong partnerships with important initiatives in Europe and worldwide. Partnerships with different players, as innovation centers, coworking spaces, accelerators, incubators. So, we can share in a daily basis, information, knowledge and solutions for a better world. With that, we can create more global developing programs, workshops, courses.

Create a startup platform to integrate the system, know who is doing what, a platform where they can learn how to do business in different countries, where they can find great partners, and expand their knowledge and business, in order to help these companies to thrive and reach their goals.

Thank you Eduardo and Renato! We are super excited to see your event in Sao Paolo and are just delighted to have you onboard in Brazil working to improve connections with Europe.

Posted on February 13, 2018 in Behind SEW

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