My goal: promote and support women’s web-entrepreneurship in Malta

Meet our co-organiser from Naxxar, Malta: Anamaria Magri Pantea from Ascend Consulting (twitter:@WeHubs & @Dressmelody)

Why did you apply for SEW?

As an innovation management and business development consultant focused on startups and SMEs, but also as the representative for Malta of the European Women Web-entrepreneurs Hubs network, I believe in the power of focused and concerted action all across Europe, at local, regional and national levels, to encourage and facilitate startups’ access to information, networking, support and collaboration opportunities.

What is your goal in organizing an event for Startup Europe Week?

Bringing around the table all Maltese stakeholders interested in and/or involved in the promotion, facilitation, support or actual implementation of women web-entrepreneurship so as to create a common understanding of the current situation in Malta, the interest, challenges and support needs faced by current, previous and aspiring women web-entrepreneurs, as well as of the various form of support being or planned to be offered in this sense by various organisations.

What would you give to your local community?

An opportunity for focused discussion and planning of actions and next steps ahead to further promote, stimulate and support women web-entrepreneurship in Malta.

What do you think your area needs in order to be a startup-friendly zone?

Malta is already a startup friendly country, with a host of support opportunities. However, we have to always keep striving for a better, more flexible and fast responsive ecosystem. The ever faster changing nature of the global economy, of the societal challenges that we face, of the enabling technologies and new business models that emerge, all these require constant vigilance and inclusive reviews of what we do and what we should do better.

What could Startup Europe and the European Commission do more to develop the startup ecosystem?

The European Commission already has a number of support actions on various fronts, from policy development, to awareness raising, training, networking and access to funding. Nevetheless, the latter area would benefit though of further action in terms of the development of funding schemes dedicated to startups, preferably complemented by focused mentoring and business development assistance.

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