SEW17 helps the community in Bitola to learn more about entrepreneurship

Meet our co-organiser from Bitola, Macedonia: Ana Dajovska & her team from GET INNOVATION BITOLA (twitter:‏ @getinnovationbt)

Why did you apply for SEW?

We applied for SEW 2017 since it is a great event that helps the community in Bitola to learn more about entrepreneurship, startups and business opportunities. Last year, we were also a local co-organizer of this event and the feedback and the impact of the business network created during this event motivated us to organize SEW 2017 as well.

What is your goal in organizing an event for Startup Europe Week?

The main goal of the SEW Bitola is networking. We are connecting the institutions, the private business, NGO sector, fashion students, unemployed people and citizens in general. By this, we are trying to create a base of knowledge and possibilities for cooperation.

What would you give to your local community?

We will provide a unique concept of presentations and activities which will motivate participants to go deeper in the topic, research and gather the needed information to start their own wedding business.

What do you think your area needs in order to be a startup-friendly zone?

The area of Bitola mostly needs cooperation and good networking. Businesses in Bitola work but they do not cooperate and network in order to improve their joint working. This is the main thing we miss, and through SEW Bitola we are trying to build up on it.

What could Startup Europe and the European Commission do more to develop the startup ecosystem?

For our local community, we believe that the delivery of information to the businesses about the available support through the European Commission is needed. Here, we have innovative and progressive businesses, but the lack of information related to broadening the work, finding other sources of finances and the project management working of the small businesses as a modern organizational concept is not very common.

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