Spain will have +40 #SEW19 events this year! Listen to our founder talking on the Spanish radio

Llamando a todos nuestros co-organisers en Espana!

Last week we were featured on Mundo Emprende radio, talking about the huge grassroots movement of SEW, as well as how it has developed in Spain.

Our founder Igor Tasic jumped on the radio show and answered some questions like how the SEW movement started, why entrepreneurs should find their local event in Spain and what value you can get from attending.

With over 40 events going on in Spain, this country is one of the most active countries taking part in SEW19. Igor comments that resources for entrepreneurs are growing and thriving day by day in Spain, such as in Madrid, where more and more coworking spaces are popping up even in banks.

If you’re in Spain, South America, or even just learning Spanish, click here and listen after minute 30:45.

Thanks to Mundo Emprende for having us! 🙂

Posted on March 5, 2019 in Behind SEW

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