Young entrepreneurs and local authorities for a better Startup ecosystem

Digital Borgo for Startup Europe Week in Italy

Our co-organizer from Pescara, Italy: Andrea Risa, DIGITAL BORGO

Why did you apply for SEW?

To put our work in an european dimension, to relate our region to a global european network, to raise people awareness about eu funding and possibilities.

What is your goal in organizing Startup Europe Week?

Our goal is to get people closest to the EU opportunities for start up. We would like to give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet local authorities, and to understand more about EU resources and possibilities. It’s important that young entrepreneurs feel par of an european ecosystem.

What would you give to your local community?

An insight on EU resources, a link between our local area and european union, a slice of information about EU funding. The feeling of being part of an european ecosystem.

What do you think your area need in order to be a Startup friendly zone?

Majority of VC Funds in Italy are in the North, a bit too far away for them to decide easily to invest in good opportunities, without asking them to relocate in the north. We need to give VC funds good fiscal incentives to invest in the Center or South Italy. Or we need to have fund of funds giving incentive to the creation of VC Funds dedicated to this area. We need also private bankers to promote startup investments among their clients also by having some incentives.

What could Startup Europe and European Union do more about developing Startup ecosystem?

Allocate fund of funds for the development of local seed VC funds. Urge governments to apply fiscal incentives on banks to unlock private banking wealth and release it into startup capital. Create fiscal incentives for corporates to work with startup in open innovation environments or with innovation management programmes.

Posted on January 21, 2016 in Behind SEW

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