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    Podcast - Albanian Entrepreneurs (Link online TBD) , Tirana, 1001
    Podcast “Albanian Entreprenerurs” Life is like a chess game

    Podcast with 2 women entreprenerus in Albanian, one of them has a e-commerce platforme and the other one has an consulting company.

    As a Startup European Week (SEW) co-organizer in our region, I am deeply motivated by the unique opportunity it presents to catalyze the entrepreneurial ecosystem and spotlight the innovative potential within our community.

    SEW stands as a beacon for fostering connections, sharing knowledge, and encouraging the cross-pollination of ideas among startups, investors, policymakers, and the broader community. Our region, with its diverse talents and burgeoning startup scene, stands to greatly benefit from this event. It will not only elevate the visibility of local entrepreneurs on a European scale but also attract invaluable resources, mentorship, and potential investors.

    Furthermore, SEW will serve as a platform for local startups to showcase their innovations, learn from seasoned entrepreneurs, and engage with international networks. This alignment with SEW’s mission to support and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit will undoubtedly drive growth, inspire innovation, and strengthen the fabric of our regional economy. By bringing SEW to our region, we are opening doors to new opportunities, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, and laying the groundwork for sustainable economic development. It’s an exciting time to be at the forefront of this initiative, and I am committed to leveraging SEW to propel our region’s entrepreneurs towards success on the global stage.


    PRANVERA RRAPUSHI – is the founder and leader of the company GRAL ALBANIA. Gral was created as an online commercial center, founded in 2017, where sellers and buyers meet to create the best possible deals. Gral comes with the philosophy of a global company but adapted to the market physique in Albania and the Region. Pranvera comes with several years of experience as a media expert, master mentor, and trainer for new businesses but not only, Gral over the years has expanded its activity also in the field of consulting and academia!

    GRETA NELI – co-founder of GAINFAITH-SOLUTIONS SHPK & Heading towards licensing as an Approved Accountant. She completed her Master of Science studies in Accounting and Auditing with high grades at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana. The journey to realize a dream that had just started began in November 2021, when she and her business partner/brother Feruk Neli, began to put on paper what their eyes had managed to see since then, while August 1, 2022, marked the date when the dream officially had a name (GainFaith- SOLUTIONS SHPK), and now would enjoy the legitimate right in the market to start a journey of challenges and small achievements that today have directed the enterprise towards Western visions of doing business. The experience in the market, as employed in private entrepreneurship, showed her that it is time to work hard with the aim of setting new standards and offering a more dignified service with a different philosophy, “The client is a partner in business, so his success or failure is also ours… a dignified service towards them translates into long relationships and a new business spirit.”

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