1. First steps:

    • Meet up your SEW team and distribute the tasks (regular follow-up based on meetings is an excellent practice)
    • Start elaborating the SEW program for your event (by considering the basic SEW rules)
    • Find a location for your SEW event
    • Find sponsorships: target interested parties, make clear the type of support and send invitations to the stakeholders (Catering, Drinks, Printing materials, Location, …)
    • Find the most relevant speakers in your local startup community and pre-collect their presentations before the event and communicate the time they have.

    2. Promote the event by :

    • Creating a co-organizer profile and event of SEW20 in the SEW official platform
    • Elaborating social media planning + generate an article for your event for the SEW platform
    • Finding media partners: contact local radio, television, and social media providers
    • Promoting the event via your social media channels

    3. A technical must have:

    • Microphones for the speakers
    • Timer device (Ipad) to track the speaker’s remaining time
    • Projector, screen, and flipchart + paper for the presentations
    • Laptop for presentations + Technical helper to take care of eventual issues

    4. During the event :

    • General moderator for the event
    • Host/Hostess for the registration table (to make sure that people fulfill the registration sheet containing: organization, name, email)
    • Printed program, marketing materials of SEW20 and partner’s brochures for all guests, badges for the speakers, a rollup of SEW20
    • Catering and drinks during networking; water, coffee & sweets during pauses (2 helpers). Water for the speakers
    • Ensure a Photograph (and someone to make live streams and/or
    • tweets)

    5. Follow up :

    • Thank you letter to the speakers and the sponsors
    • Post a sum-up article in the SEW platform and social media channels
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