Author: Igor Tasic

    Middle-aged entrepreneurs (45+ y.o.) do better than average if you don?t believe you have ?make it before 30?. Success rates of startups are high if you don?t believe you have to do an IPO. There are exceptional entrepreneurs in every single region of the planet if you don?t believe they should all speak English and live in California.

    These are truths in the entrepreneurial world nobody can see because most minds are closed around stereotypes and ?short-term-ness.? Too many VCs invested in the cool kids with cool apps. Too many magazines sold out with the unicorn Nasdaq bell-ringing ceremony pictures. Too many academics are researching the impact of the ?top 10 ecosystems?.

    As some scientists know, evidence should help prove or disprove a hypothesis. Most people don?t want to (cannot?) live according to evidence (or truth), but according to a set of beliefs designed by a distracted society ? the outcomes of these beliefs you can see as you wake up, every day.

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