Marta Rodriguez
    Felix Lopez
    Steve Glange
    Steve Glange launched the FirstTuesday network in the Greater Region and became board member of the global network. He is also a founding board member of Luxembourg Business Angels Network where he served as board member of EBAN. He was ambassador for XING in Luxembourg. He assisted launching and developing emerging companies and holds various advisory board seats. He is also a UN conference speaker and lecturer at Georgia Tech Institute. He uses his analytical and innovative skills around a good robusto cigar. Steve is an experienced networked solution broker.
    Ron PAANS
    Ron is a inspirational leader and seasoned executive with with nearly 3 decades of experience of implementing transformation programs across diverse technology and service organisations, successfully helping organisations design customer centric service experiences whilst also focussing on creating strong employee experiences to drive value.
    Carmelo Heras
    Más de 30 años de experiencia profesional, en marketing e innovación, ventas y dirección de empresas. Y emprendedor en sus ratos libres.
    Miguel Angel Comín
    Gestor de proyectos de innovación, especialista en Planes de Empresa y Modelos de Negocio
    Santiago Simón
    Economista. Experto en creación de empresas, estrategia y crecimiento empresarial.
    Mario Garces
    Investigador de neurociencia e inteligencia artificial y emprendedor desde 1995
    Concepción Ramos
    Economista. 23 años apoyando proyectos innovadores
    Sorin Peligrad